Dr Seng Gan


Medical graduate of UWA MBBS program
Initial clinical physician training mostly at RPH, with 4 years at Garvan Institute at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (doing my PhD research there – Diabetes as my major interest) before returning to Perth in 2002 as an Endocrinologist at RPH + some sessions in general medicine.
Since 2005, a Clinical Academic with UWA which currently means:
O.5 FTE doing clinical work as an Endocrinologist at RPH – also currently Head of Dept of Endocrinology & Diabetes there (9 years and counting!)
0.5 FTE as a Senior Lecturer in Medicine with UWA – some collaborative clinical research work but most of my UWA time now in medical education and involved with being the UWA MD Programme Final Year Coordinator
Usually busy running around with my wife (also medical doctor) and two daughters (aged 10 and 12) and some of their school drop-offs, other activities, etc…